Are you confused about what to include in the menu for your next corporate event? Opt for cuisines that are exquisite yet not expensive.

Choose something innovative or stick to a traditional cuisine; either way, the idea is to impress your guests. Proper menu planning is crucial for any party or event planning as an unplanned menu can really harm your company’s goodwill and spoil the event.

So, here are 5 ways to plan a menu that will leave your guests impressed:

  1. Understand your guests’ profile: Knowing the general profile of your guest list will help an event planner to curate an ideal menu for your function. Consider some points like: Are your guests well-traveled and do they have adventurous palate? Would they prefer regional or world cuisine?
  2. Discern your guests’ preferences: Once you’re clear about your guests’ profile and age group, you can curate a menu accordingly. For instance, older attendees may prefer milder or health-conscious options.
  3. Offer alternative menus: Offering more than one choice for starters, main courses and desserts will have both meat lovers and vegetarians pleased with their meals. Prefer two or three salad dressing options for salad courses, include live stations as well.
  4. Consider special dietary needs: Before any event, consider if your guests have any special dietary needs, such as religious fasting or veganism, etc., so that the same can be addressed prior to the event.
  5. Consider regional cuisines: This is important especially if you are expecting your guests from outside the city or country or if you are hosting some destination event or party.

Now that you are thorough with your checklist for a successful catered event menu and venue, you’re sure to have a successful event that your guests will remember for a long time.

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