Plan a Catered Event Menu That Will Impress Your Guests

Plan a Catered Event Menu That Will Impress Your Guests

Are you confused about what to include in the menu for your next corporate event? Opt for cuisines that are exquisite yet not expensive.

Choose something innovative or stick to a traditional cuisine; either way, the idea is to impress your guests. Proper menu planning is crucial for any party or event planning as an unplanned menu can really harm your company’s goodwill and spoil the event.

So, here are 5 ways to plan a menu that will leave your guests impressed:

  1. Understand your guests’ profile: Knowing the general profile of your guest list will help an event planner to curate an ideal menu for your function. Consider some points like: Are your guests well-traveled and do they have adventurous palate? Would they prefer regional or world cuisine?
  2. Discern your guests’ preferences: Once you’re clear about your guests’ profile and age group, you can curate a menu accordingly. For instance, older attendees may prefer milder or health-conscious options.
  3. Offer alternative menus: Offering more than one choice for starters, main courses and desserts will have both meat lovers and vegetarians pleased with their meals. Prefer two or three salad dressing options for salad courses, include live stations as well.
  4. Consider special dietary needs: Before any event, consider if your guests have any special dietary needs, such as religious fasting or veganism, etc., so that the same can be addressed prior to the event.
  5. Consider regional cuisines: This is important especially if you are expecting your guests from outside the city or country or if you are hosting some destination event or party.

Now that you are thorough with your checklist for a successful catered event menu and venue, you’re sure to have a successful event that your guests will remember for a long time.

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Include Healthy Dose of Fermented Foods For Your Next Business Lunch

Include Healthy Dose of Fermented Foods For Your Next Business Lunch

Fermented foods are the best way to strengthen your gut. And, a healthy gut is the doorway to great health. It impacts your health fundamentally by promoting good digestion, immunity, weight and mental health.

Furthermore, various studies point out that healthy eating at work can have a positive impact on organisation’s productivity. So, here’s a tip: next time when you organise your office luncheon or plan a corporate event, don’t forget to add a few recipes of fermented foods.

The fermented foods are a healthier choice as these are preserved using an age-old process that not only boosts the food’s shelf-life and nutritional value, but can give your body a dose of healthy probiotics as well.

Here’s our pick of top 4 fermented foods that you should include in your corporate event:

Miso: A fermented paste made from barley, rice or soybeans, miso adds a nice distinct flavour to dishes. Miso is typically found in soups, but also makes salad dressings and marinades even more delicious and gut healthy.

Kimchi: This fermented cabbage dish is spicy and tastes better when refrigerated. Eat it on it’s own or try it as a burger topper or atop tacos.

Kefir: It’s a fermented milk that tastes like drinkable yogurt. Kefir is full of calcium and probiotics. Just like yogurt, probiotics in kefir help break down lactose. Hence it’s easier to digest for people with lactose intolerance. Kefir is delicious in smoothies or by itself.

Tempeh: Made from naturally fermented soybeans, Tempeh is similar to tofu as it’s a plant-based protein made from soy. However, unlike tofu, tempeh is fermented which makes it a good source of probiotics and, because it contains all the essential amino acids, it’s a complete source of vegetable protein.

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Impress your guests with an array of fusion foods

Impress your guests with an array of fusion foods

A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking food to family and friends. Infact, food is the soul or the deciding factor when it comes to making our Indian functions a success. And now with a new breed of internationally trained wedding caterers and chefs replacing our traditional ‘halwai’, the hottest new trends, such as fusion foods are on rise.

These culinary borrowings from other cultures manage to absorb and assimilate a huge number of influences and still maintain their unique flavour. Some of the most popular fusion food items include Gobi Manchurian, Chili Chicken, and Hakka Noodles, etc.

Lucky for us, times have changed. And, so has the party menu! Because when cultures clash and flavours mash, new recipes emerge.

So, if you have a wedding or a party lined up sometime soon, here are some exciting fusion foods that you must add in your food menu.

  1. Mini Tandoori Burgers:Burgers are always a hit with all age groups. How about introducing mini burgers for your party? Add traditional Indian tandoori seasonings to the veggie or chicken burger and serve it with the green chutney. And it tastes scrumptious!
  2. Lasagna Burritos:When you take two great recipes – lasagna and burritos – and make them something new, you get a recipe that’s unique! Cheesy lasagna rolls are the ultimate quick fusion recipe that your guests won’t forget for a long time.
  3. Golgappa Shots: Nothing can replace the taste and flavours of crisp golgappas filled with the zesty paani. But how about giving this favourite street food a twist and offer your guests some golgappa shots for your wedding party. You can also try fruit juices and fresh fruits stuffed in golgappas for a change.
  4. Idli Manchurian: How about this South Indian and Chinese fusion recipe. Two classics from two countries – idlis and manchurian come together to make a fusion dish like no other.
  5. Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta: The name says it all. A classic Italian starter combined with our very own tandoori chicken chunks. This is a great example of an East Meets West snack where a toasted bread with a masaledarmix of tandoori chicken chunks is grilled over charcoal to add the quintessential smoky flavour.

At Celebrations, we have a team of experts who will help you curate a food menu as per your taste and gathering. For catering details or bookings, speak to our representative at: +91 9972305352.

Trending Colour Schemes For Indian Weddings

Trending Colour Schemes For Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are a grand, spectacular and colourful affair. Most of us usually plan them way ahead of time because a typical big fat Indian wedding does not merely involve catering and music but it also requires well synchronised decorations. While we all witnessed the awe-inspiring Virat-Anushka’s and Ranveer-Deepika’s weddings, one thing that made their marriage ceremonies simply out-of-the-box was the theme that they planned for their big day.

So, if you are confused with what theme to stick to for your D-day, here’s a quick look at some of the most trending colours of the season. Because once you are sure about which colour scheme to pick, the rest of the wedding requisites can be colour coordinated accordingly.

  1. Yellow, Pink with Tangerine Orange: With bride dressed in imperial pink and bright yellow coloured lehenga and the groom in his golden sherwani, the decorations in combination of yellow, pink and tangerine orange will surely add vibrancy to the wedding venue.
  2. Maroon, Deep Red and Golden: Be it about wedding decor or wedding attire, deep Red or Maroon are the most common colour trends but these also look the most exquisite and classy.
  3. Emerald Green and Royal Cream: The decorations around this combination can be a delicate mix of nature’s green colour embedded with orchid flowers. The kind of combination will not only look imperial but will also give the touch of nature’s love. To match with the theme, bride can get dressed in a luxuriously adorned emerald green lehenga and groom in a royal cream sherwani.
  4. Pink and Navy/Turquoise Blue: This is also one of the elegant colour combinations. Decorations can be done in the perfect melange of pink and blue. The bride adorned in soft pink lehenga and the groom elegantly suited in navy/turquoise blue sherwani will give a modern and fresh feel.

At Celebrations, we have a team of experienced professionals who assist you to choose the perfect theme for your extra-special day.

For queries or bookings, contact us at: +91 9972305352.

Tips for Making Wedding Catering Affordable

Tips for Making Wedding Catering Affordable

Everyone wants their wedding day to be the most memorable one, but expenses make it hard to feel likewise. So, is it possible to reduce the spending, while planning a perfect wedding event? Definitely!

Of all the expenses, the wedding catering costs the highest. Here are some practical tips to ensure that your wedding catering is perfect yet affordable.

Fix the budget: It is important to fix your budget when it comes to catering for your wedding functions. Based on that you can search and finalise the caterer who fits best in your budget.

Go unique with menu: Everyone wants to book a catering service that is different yet affordable. Check what all is inclusive of the package and based on that select the one that suits your taste and budget. Check everything in terms of starters, meals, salads and desserts. Also, if you want to have different stations of world/Asian cuisines, do check that out.

Go bite-size with desserts: By controlling portions of desserts, you will be able to save one-third the price of a full dessert buffet. You may opt for something like tiny chocolate-covered cheesecakes, etc.

Don’t have elaborate bar station: It isn’t necessary to fill the bar with all kinds of liquor. You may include 2-3 main drinks like beer, champagne and whiskey. Or, you may have one or two signature cocktails and give them clever names such that your guests find them irresistible. Also, ask the bar manager to provide garnishes for the drinks. These may include curled lemon and lime peels, orange slices or mini fruit kebabs on toothpicks to coordinate with your wedding colours. These garnishes are often free and they add to the festive look.

Cut down the catering staff: Catering bill generally shoots up due to the labor your catering company provides to the event. Take a close look at how many servers, chefs, or other staff they have allocated to your event on the invoice, and ask your caterer if there’s any way to cut down those costs.

These practical tips can help you cut down your catering cost.

At Celebrations, we offer catering services that suits all budgets and tastes. For more information, contact us at: +91 9972305352.

Celebrate Your Growing Bundle of Joy with these Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate Your Growing Bundle of Joy with these Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers have changed over the past couple of years. What used to be seen as just another event meant for ladies, has become a lavish and extraordinary affair these days.

Moms-to-be want their baby showers to be personalised, special and memorable with the perfect theme, decor and food. Infact, a lot goes into planning of a perfect baby shower function. But, even if you want to keep it simple – don’t panic, because you can still make it an absolute memorable bash.

Stuck with how to make your special day extra-special? Take cues from our top three curated ideas and enjoy every bit of your special day:

Rainbow theme party: This dreamy celebration is symbolic of colourful journey ahead. A new member won’t just make you feel complete but will also add innocence and colours to your otherwise mundane life. Just make sure everything from decor to cake and outfits sync well with the theme.

Go Co-Ed: Traditionally, baby showers used to be exclusively for women. However, these days couples like to enjoy it together. So, if you want to organise a party with your common group of friends, consider keeping it simple with neutral decor and some fun games. Make sure to shortlist food and drinks accordingly. This may require a bit of pre-planning, but with right mix of people co-ed baby showers can be real fun.

High-Tea Party: This is the most hassle-free and elegant way of planning a baby shower. Choose a venue; preferably a lawn or by the poolside (if weather permits) and menu that’s true to teas. Fun finger foods or bite-sized foods with a wide-array of teas will be a good option though. Besides, you can stick on to choosing tea-themed invites to make your soiree a bit interesting. Just show up in your best tea dress and enjoy the celebration.

So, if you seek professional services to make your baby shower fun yet memorable event, contact us at +91 9972305352.