Include Healthy Dose of Fermented Foods For Your Next Business Lunch

Include Healthy Dose of Fermented Foods For Your Next Business Lunch

Fermented foods are the best way to strengthen your gut. And, a healthy gut is the doorway to great health. It impacts your health fundamentally by promoting good digestion, immunity, weight and mental health.

Furthermore, various studies point out that healthy eating at work can have a positive impact on organisation’s productivity. So, here’s a tip: next time when you organise your office luncheon or plan a corporate event, don’t forget to add a few recipes of fermented foods.

The fermented foods are a healthier choice as these are preserved using an age-old process that not only boosts the food’s shelf-life and nutritional value, but can give your body a dose of healthy probiotics as well.

Here’s our pick of top 4 fermented foods that you should include in your corporate event:

Miso: A fermented paste made from barley, rice or soybeans, miso adds a nice distinct flavour to dishes. Miso is typically found in soups, but also makes salad dressings and marinades even more delicious and gut healthy.

Kimchi: This fermented cabbage dish is spicy and tastes better when refrigerated. Eat it on it’s own or try it as a burger topper or atop tacos.

Kefir: It’s a fermented milk that tastes like drinkable yogurt. Kefir is full of calcium and probiotics. Just like yogurt, probiotics in kefir help break down lactose. Hence it’s easier to digest for people with lactose intolerance. Kefir is delicious in smoothies or by itself.

Tempeh: Made from naturally fermented soybeans, Tempeh is similar to tofu as it’s a plant-based protein made from soy. However, unlike tofu, tempeh is fermented which makes it a good source of probiotics and, because it contains all the essential amino acids, it’s a complete source of vegetable protein.

So, if you are keen on adding a healthy dose of probiotics to your corporate event, contact us at +91 9972305352. Our team of experts will help you curate fermented food menu for your next luncheon.

Impress your guests with an array of fusion foods

Impress your guests with an array of fusion foods

A big fat Indian wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking food to family and friends. Infact, food is the soul or the deciding factor when it comes to making our Indian functions a success. And now with a new breed of internationally trained wedding caterers and chefs replacing our traditional ‘halwai’, the hottest new trends, such as fusion foods are on rise.

These culinary borrowings from other cultures manage to absorb and assimilate a huge number of influences and still maintain their unique flavour. Some of the most popular fusion food items include Gobi Manchurian, Chili Chicken, and Hakka Noodles, etc.

Lucky for us, times have changed. And, so has the party menu! Because when cultures clash and flavours mash, new recipes emerge.

So, if you have a wedding or a party lined up sometime soon, here are some exciting fusion foods that you must add in your food menu.

  1. Mini Tandoori Burgers:Burgers are always a hit with all age groups. How about introducing mini burgers for your party? Add traditional Indian tandoori seasonings to the veggie or chicken burger and serve it with the green chutney. And it tastes scrumptious!
  2. Lasagna Burritos:When you take two great recipes – lasagna and burritos – and make them something new, you get a recipe that’s unique! Cheesy lasagna rolls are the ultimate quick fusion recipe that your guests won’t forget for a long time.
  3. Golgappa Shots: Nothing can replace the taste and flavours of crisp golgappas filled with the zesty paani. But how about giving this favourite street food a twist and offer your guests some golgappa shots for your wedding party. You can also try fruit juices and fresh fruits stuffed in golgappas for a change.
  4. Idli Manchurian: How about this South Indian and Chinese fusion recipe. Two classics from two countries – idlis and manchurian come together to make a fusion dish like no other.
  5. Tandoori Chicken Bruschetta: The name says it all. A classic Italian starter combined with our very own tandoori chicken chunks. This is a great example of an East Meets West snack where a toasted bread with a masaledarmix of tandoori chicken chunks is grilled over charcoal to add the quintessential smoky flavour.

At Celebrations, we have a team of experts who will help you curate a food menu as per your taste and gathering. For catering details or bookings, speak to our representative at: +91 9972305352.