Celebrate Your Growing Bundle of Joy with these Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrate Your Growing Bundle of Joy with these Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers have changed over the past couple of years. What used to be seen as just another event meant for ladies, has become a lavish and extraordinary affair these days.

Moms-to-be want their baby showers to be personalised, special and memorable with the perfect theme, decor and food. Infact, a lot goes into planning of a perfect baby shower function. But, even if you want to keep it simple – don’t panic, because you can still make it an absolute memorable bash.

Stuck with how to make your special day extra-special? Take cues from our top three curated ideas and enjoy every bit of your special day:

Rainbow theme party: This dreamy celebration is symbolic of colourful journey ahead. A new member won’t just make you feel complete but will also add innocence and colours to your otherwise mundane life. Just make sure everything from decor to cake and outfits sync well with the theme.

Go Co-Ed: Traditionally, baby showers used to be exclusively for women. However, these days couples like to enjoy it together. So, if you want to organise a party with your common group of friends, consider keeping it simple with neutral decor and some fun games. Make sure to shortlist food and drinks accordingly. This may require a bit of pre-planning, but with right mix of people co-ed baby showers can be real fun.

High-Tea Party: This is the most hassle-free and elegant way of planning a baby shower. Choose a venue; preferably a lawn or by the poolside (if weather permits) and menu that’s true to teas. Fun finger foods or bite-sized foods with a wide-array of teas will be a good option though. Besides, you can stick on to choosing tea-themed invites to make your soiree a bit interesting. Just show up in your best tea dress and enjoy the celebration.

So, if you seek professional services to make your baby shower fun yet memorable event, contact us at +91 9972305352.

The Northern Terrace – Celebrations Caterings

The Northern Terrace – Celebrations Caterings

With its international feel and cosmopolitan appeal, Bangalore is one of the best cities in India to host all your social event. There is no dearth of Banquets in Bangalore to choose from. Many state-of-the-art conference halls in Bangalore are part of some prestigious hospitality group or resort.

Celebrations Catering have launched an alluring banqueting space called “The Northern Terrace” to add a dash of panache to all your occasions.

Located in the World Trade Centre, Brigade Gateway, this place has a floating space of over 1,000 people and 330 people in the seating. The banquet hall is spacious and is designed with world-class amenities keeping luxury and comfort in mind. Guests are assured of the finest services and faultless security arrangement. The illumination and décor of this hall will make your event look grand and unique.

Brigade gateway has been designed as an all-encompassing enclave featuring residential, retail, commercial and hospitality outlets. To add the cherry to the cake, the enclave also features a 2-acre man-made lake with seating areas, tree-lined promenades, and the open-air café swanking the lake’s borders. The lifestyle enclave will impart style and uniqueness to your function.

To host a wedding in such a locale is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. The spacious halls of the Northern Terrace overlooks the vast expanse of Bangalore city and its beautiful vistas.

The professional staff of Brigade gateway is ready to host all kinds of event and embellish your occasion with the choicest of decoration.

Celebrations Catering for a Winter Wedding

Celebrations Catering for a Winter Wedding

Wish our wedding a winter wonderland? Organizing a wedding in the winter season bestows the perfect opportunity to let your creative energy run wild. Winter in India is a pleasant time to be hosting a wedding. To add a cherry to the cake, the comfortable and predictable climate lets you play around with the theme, decorations and other things that will ensure that your wedding is not just another bland affair.

There are plenty of things that go into making a successful wedding. And what is more important to a wedding than the food served? To be honest, when we think of catering services, we’re really thinking about food. To make your wedding a real success, you need to make sure that the people in charge of food preparation have a real passion for what they cook.

Our chefs at Celebrations catering bring in their years of experience and unparalleled enthusiasm for creating delectable recipes at your wedding table. The cold air lends irresistible charm to the warm food served at the wedding, making hot chocolate cakes and creamy soups the flavour of the season.

At Celebrations, the food prepared by our group of professional experts is of the best hygiene standards. We combine the aesthetics of great food served in stylish wares with care and concern for your health.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a touch of the savoury to your wedding with a fest prepared to appeal to you and your guest’s palette. Think of exquisitely crafted mocktails and freshly prepared sweet treats to go with mouth-watering meals. Every wedding is incomplete without serving some finger-licking food to the honourable guests, so give them something to remember your special day when you choose us to satiate their appetite.

Why You Should Hire a Catering Company in Bangalore for Parties?

Why You Should Hire a Catering Company in Bangalore for Parties?

Celebrating your birthday, or having a corporate or social event, there are many things that need to be taken care of while managing such occasions. Managing everything all by yourself can sometimes be very hectic and result in something you never wish to happen. Since Indian people are fond of tasty and delicious food, it becomes very important to serve delightful meals to your guests. Some people may prefer to cook and serve so as to spend more time with their guests, while others may prefer to hire a catering service. If you are in that dilemma, we will tell you why you should consider hiring a catering company in Bangalore.

Here are some reasons that stress on the need for hiring catering services for a party:

•    It saves time

Cooking and serving guests is not an easy job. It requires skill, efforts, and time. Hiring a catering company irons out all these problems.

The caterers offer a plethora of services out of the kitchen too. They not just cook food but also help with presenting and serving so that the host can allocate his/her time to other arrangements.

•    They know about ideal portion size

The biggest challenge of cooking at home for a party is cooking the ideal portion size.

Professional caterers in Bangalore are proficient in determining the portion size. Specify the number of guests and they will cook the perfect amount of food.

•    They offer you a variety of delicious cuisines to choose from

By hiring professional caterers, you can choose from a variety of mouth-watering cuisines. Good catering companies leave no stone unturned in cooking food that tastes heaven.

•    The guests get to relish a long menu

The professional services curate a long menu for the guests. They can cook delicious three-course or even a four-course meal for any party. Their team comprises of expert cooks who can prepare a wide array of dishes ranging from soups, appetizers, main course, drinks, and desserts. From authentic Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Lebanese to traditional Indian or Mughlai food; the expert cooks can cook all type of food.

•    They serve the food right on time 

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a catering service in Bangalore is that the guests get their supper on time. Professional caterers deliver food time. They sync with the host to make sure that the guests don’t have to wait for food and the lunch/dinner reach their plates right on time.

•    Their services are economical
Hiring a catering company in Bangalore is not a very expensive deal as they charge only a nominal amount for their services.

Tips to Find the Best Social Event Catering Service in Bangalore

Tips to Find the Best Social Event Catering Service in Bangalore

Social events in Bangalore provide a great opportunity to mingle with like-minded people, gain some knowledge, and eat good food. Where the organizers take care of organizing the event, the responsibility of bringing the most delicious food on the table is handed-over to the event catering companies.

If you are organizing any social event in Bangalore, you must seek good catering services. Finding good caterers in Bangalore is a task, but if you keep the following mentioned tips in mind, you can get the best catering service in Bangalore for your event.

Here is how to find the best catering service in Bangalore:

• Seek recommendations

Ask your friends, colleagues, and relatives to recommend you the best caterers in Bangalore. You must also seek recommendations from venue coordinators and event planners as they partner with good caterers in the city. Seeking their recommendations will introduce you to some proficient names in the industry.

• Search on the internet

Search the name of good caterers in your city on the internet. The internet will offer you a list of expert caterers with a calibre to cook for hundreds and even a thousand guests. Visit their official website or pages on social networking sites. Read the customer reviews to know if they are worth hiring.

• Check their speciality

Where some caterers serve for smaller gatherings and parties, some are experts at cooking for masses. You must confirm their range before hiring them.

• Check their license

Never forget to check the license of your potential social event catering services. A good catering service will always have a license.

Check if they have a history of any complaints, bad records, or violations.

• Get a sample quotation

Before you sew up the agreement with a catering company for your event, ask them to provide you with a rough quotation. This way, you will get your hands on the details of all the items and services that you will get. Also, you will get to know about the extra charges and taxes that the service may demand.

• Schedule a tasting session

Of course, it is not possible to hire any social event catering service before knowing the taste of the food they will provide. Hence, you must always schedule a tasting session with your potential caterer. Don’t hesitate to ask them for menu presentation and table setup as well.

Finalize them only if you are satisfied with their food and services or else look for other good caterers.